$5000 iFART Contest at ifartmobile.com

Many of you already know about the iFart Mobile app for iPhone because you bought it. Now you can win cash and prizes from iFart Mobile just by producing a commercial for this iPhone app.


The iFart Mobile app does exactly what you expect. It produces fart noises. There are several type of fart noises as well as ways to deliver them. It is most likely popular because of the Sneak Attack and Security features. 

The iFart Mobile app is rated as one of the Most Popular iPhone Apps in the world by holding the Number 1 Paid App title for 3 weeks in iTunes.

You can get iFart Mobile for $.99 from the iTunes Store by clicking on HERE.

If you are looking to cash in on the contest, go to iFart Mobile. You will find all the information about the contest there. Three prizes are being offered for the best 30-60 second commercial  for the iFart Mobile app placed on You Tube. Grand Prize is $5000, Second is an Apple Mac Book and Third is an iPod Touch. 

The winners will be judged on creativity, originality, worldwide appeal plus 9 other criteria. Get out and show your best video production and win some money.

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