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Getting More from iPhone Maps on 3GS

When you open Maps app on the iphone 3GS, there is a small button in the lower left corner.

location Current location button.

Pushing this button will show your current location. It will continue to update as you move. This is a nice feature, but you can get more info.

When you press the button again, the button will change.

direction Compass link button.

The maps app is now linked to compass and your location display will change to look like this.


As you move, more information updates the display by narrowing the white arc. The narrower it gets, the more accurate the direction.

This feature makes your iPhone work like a GPS unit allowing you to see turns ahead.

iPhone Sync Glitch on Windows 7

PC user with windows 7 have been reporting iPhone syncing problems. Intel has a theory that it is a BIOS or system configuration problem. They think the issue is tied to the Intel P55 chipset and certain motherboards from various manufacturers. The Windows 7 64-bit version may also be a problem.

The problem shows up after the iPhone has been recognized.  The “error 0xE8000065” is generated letting you know that there is an iPhone connection failure.

Here is a list of possible temporary fixes if you have this problem:

  • Use a USB port on a card that is not a part of the P55 chipset
  • Delete iPodDevices.xml file found in C:\Users username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes
  • Disable Bonjour
  • Turn no C-state capability in the BIOS

Hopefully one of these will work for you if you are experiencing this problem.

Intel is still working on this to provide a fix.

Changing Order of Photos Albums on iPhone/iPod Touch

In earlier versions of iTunes you could drag the photo albums while your iPhone or iPod Touch was connected to your computer.

This can’t be done in iTunes 9. If you reorder your photo albums in iPhoto the new order will show up when you sync you iPhone or iPod Touch.

10 iPhone Tips – Getting More from Your iPhone

People who are lucky enough to have an iPhone know how fun it is to play with. Here are some some cool tips and tricks I discovered that you may find useful.

1. Tapping once at the very top of the screen while on the internet will take you back to the top of the window instead of having to scroll all the way back up. Nice time saving feature.

2. Set the font to the smallest size to read more in the internet window. Then pinch to expand a link to click it easily.

3. Post the equivalent RSS address into Apple’s RSS reader instead posting the full address of internet sites in bookmarks, and save that as your bookmark. You can quickly see anything interesting on your favorite site without downloading the whole page.

4. If the iPhone flags a word as misspelled that is known to be correct, cancel the correction 3 times and the word will be stored in the dictionary. 

5. Having a hard time placing the insertion point in a text documentsuch as email? If you tap once and hold, a magnifying glass will pop up showing you a zoomed in view of your words and cursor. Easily place the cursor wherever you want to make editing your writing very easy.

6. Hold the right button and the “Home” button on the front for about 6 seconds to reset your iPhone. Push the top button power it up. Shutdown by holding the sleep/wake button for 6 seconds.

7. Add a link to Yahoo mail in Safari bookmarks. Go there you can check ‘delete all’ to remove all spam e-mails. Takes less time than deleting them one at a time.

8. When a call comes in, press the sleep/wake button once to silence the ring for that call. Press the sleep/wake button twice to send the call to voicemail immediately.

9. Quicken punctuation by tapping and holding the “.?123” button, then drag into the punctuation key area. Let go when you’ve landed on the correct symbol. Typing a full stop turns 3 taps into one tap.

10. When using a volume or position slider, there’s no need to keep your finger on the nub in order to move it. Sliding is more accurate if you move your finger away from the nub on the glass after tapping and holding. You will have more control and can see exactly the slider nub.

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