iPhone Sync Glitch on Windows 7

PC user with windows 7 have been reporting iPhone syncing problems. Intel has a theory that it is a BIOS or system configuration problem. They think the issue is tied to the Intel P55 chipset and certain motherboards from various manufacturers. The Windows 7 64-bit version may also be a problem.

The problem shows up after the iPhone has been recognized.  The “error 0xE8000065” is generated letting you know that there is an iPhone connection failure.

Here is a list of possible temporary fixes if you have this problem:

  • Use a USB port on a card that is not a part of the P55 chipset
  • Delete iPodDevices.xml file found in C:\Users username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes
  • Disable Bonjour
  • Turn no C-state capability in the BIOS

Hopefully one of these will work for you if you are experiencing this problem.

Intel is still working on this to provide a fix.

Changing Order of Photos Albums on iPhone/iPod Touch

In earlier versions of iTunes you could drag the photo albums while your iPhone or iPod Touch was connected to your computer.

This can’t be done in iTunes 9. If you reorder your photo albums in iPhoto the new order will show up when you sync you iPhone or iPod Touch.

Belkin iPhone Case Giveaway

IntoMobile.com new podcast has news of Nokia World. Announcements include the release of the Booklet 3G, N900 and N97 Mini. IntoMobile’s reporter, Stefan, gives perspective of the event. Sony Ericsson and HTC also have some well timed announcements this week to coincide with Nokia World convention. Listen to the podcast to hear about a few options for instant messaging on iPhone, Symbian and BlackBerry.

Click here to got to IntoMobile post. Use the iTunes link on IntoMobile to pick up the podcast.

Belkin Leather iPhone Case

Belkin Leather iPhone Case

To enter Belkin iPhone Case Giveaway, just head over to IntoMobile; listen to the podcast; leave a comment  on the page. You can also get another chance to win the Belkin iPhone case by tweeting the contest on Twitter with #intomobile in the tweet.

Don’t miss you chance to enter this contest.

iPhone App for Dog Lovers

There is a Free app in the app store named “Off Leash“. It lists dog parks in United States where you can run your dog. I downloaded the app and it ran perfectly.

When you open the app there is a splash screen with a silhouette of a dog and a command to “Sit. Stay.” This only last 3 seconds. The main screen has 3 buttons, Locate Dog Park, Eukanuba TV and Tell A Friend.

Splash and Main Screen

Splash and Main Screen

Click the Dog Park Locator button to find a park. There are 2 methods of location. Search by Zip Code where you are presented with a standard keypad entry to enter the zip code. Clicking the Search button will take you to a map with pins and a listing of the park near that zip code. Click a listing to get more details. Clicking the “Find Dog Parks Near Me” Uses Location services on you iPhone. Once you have okayed the app to use location services, pressing the “Find Near Me” button will take you to the map screen. Pressing the back button will take you back to previous screen.

Locate Park and Keypad to Enter Zip Code

Locate Park and Keypad to Enter Zip Code

Map/List  and  More Info

Map/List and More Info

Eukanuba TV screen takes you to a screen with choice of videos about puppies, dogs and nutrition. Clicking a Channel will take you to a wheel screen choice. Scroll through the video titles, then click the Watch Episode button. A video app opens and will start when enough loads. At the end of the movie, you return to the selection screen. There are excellent footage of dogs. The videos are good quality and contain some good information, but leave a little to be desired.

Channel and Video Selection

Channel and Video Selection

Use the Paw Print button at the bottom or home button where they show up to return to main screen.

If you know of a park or they missed the location of a park that didn’t get in Off Leash press the little info button at the bottom of the screen. There is a message there and a button to email Off Leash app support. There is also a suggest a park button on the screen after selecting a park.

The app is created by Eukanuba.

Off Leash is a good app that will be great if we all help. I did a search for dog parks in my area and it showed that my favorite park miles away from its actual location. Off Leash also didn’t know we had a Dog Beach nearby. I have not checked all of the locations yet, but I am sure they are more accurate than the first.

This can be especially helpful for people that travel with their dog.

Off Leash is easy to use will get better if we all help locate parks in your state or town and send an email support.

Off Leash

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

A little better than most. Could be great.

Add2iPhone Gets New Rating Icons

We have been busy testing iPhone apps. Testing started with application we thought would be useful to us. Several apps have already been evaluated and will be reviewed here.

The new rating system will give an “at-a-glance” picture of our rating. We use a mini iPhone icon. The rating will be 1 to 5 iPhones 5 being the best.

Here is a sample of the rating system

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

This indicates that the reviewed product received 3 1/2 iphones out of a possible 5.

Add2iPhone believes in integrity. All rating are tempered by actual usability of the product. If you don’t see a rating on a post, the post is a news item only. No rating will be given.

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