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iPhone 1 Tap Connect App

A Twitter friend put me onto this app. You Should check it out. It is Free for now.

Get Connect App in iTunes

Connect to any Department in about 1000 of the Most Popular US Companies with 1 tap.

Connect solves one of the most frustrating problems in life: Phone Trees.

I hate calling a toll free number and navigating a maze of options to get an operator or to the right department?

“Please listen carefully as our menu has changed” -#%#$@%#

“Press 1 for English, press 2.” -@#@%#$!@#

Connect is a simple way to get to the right person when dialing a Companies Toll Free Number. Want to speak to the Operator? Just tap the button to be connected. Want to speak to the Sales Rep? Just tap one button. Need to speak to someone about returns, exchanges and refunds? Just tap a single button and you’re there.

Connect dials selected toll-free number and automatically sends a string of tones to get you the right department without any hassle.

Connect integrates phone tree maps of almost 1000 popular U.S. and Canadian companies. Some popular UK numbers have also been included. Look for more in the future. I understand they are working on a U.K. and an Australian version.

Future Connect version have promised to have an update feature to keep up with the company phone tree changes.

I suggest you go get it now. It’s Free.

Get Connect NOW in iTunes

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