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iPhone Security App Free Until November 30th

Hurry, get 1Password Pro (normally $7.99) for iPhone and iPod Touch from iTunes Store for FREE. The Promotion goes away on December 1st, 2009.

When I noticed Agile was giving 1Password Pro for Apple mobile devices I didn’t wait. I went right over to iTunes, downloaded, and synced the app. I am currently syncing my logins from 1Password Mac. I will be reviewing it soon, but don’t wait for the review. Get It FREE Now!

Agile, the makers of award winning 1Password for Mac, wants to thank all their users and celebrate the release of 1Password 3 for Mac. I have been using 1Password 2 for Mac for about a year and highly recommend it. I also participated in the Snow Leopard beta test of 1Password 3 for Mac. The new version is awesome.

1Password  stores your important information and allows you to automatically log into websites. You don’t have to remember the web address, user name or the password. IPassword also saves and syncs text notes, credit card numbers and sensitive information.

1Password 3 for Mac is available here. You can buy the full version without risk since it comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee or download a Free 30 day trial.

Remember to download a Free Copy of  1Password Pro from iTunes Before December 1st!

Changing Order of Photos Albums on iPhone/iPod Touch

In earlier versions of iTunes you could drag the photo albums while your iPhone or iPod Touch was connected to your computer.

This can’t be done in iTunes 9. If you reorder your photo albums in iPhoto the new order will show up when you sync you iPhone or iPod Touch.

$5000 iFART Contest at

Many of you already know about the iFart Mobile app for iPhone because you bought it. Now you can win cash and prizes from iFart Mobile just by producing a commercial for this iPhone app.


The iFart Mobile app does exactly what you expect. It produces fart noises. There are several type of fart noises as well as ways to deliver them. It is most likely popular because of the Sneak Attack and Security features. 

The iFart Mobile app is rated as one of the Most Popular iPhone Apps in the world by holding the Number 1 Paid App title for 3 weeks in iTunes.

You can get iFart Mobile for $.99 from the iTunes Store by clicking on HERE.

If you are looking to cash in on the contest, go to iFart Mobile. You will find all the information about the contest there. Three prizes are being offered for the best 30-60 second commercial  for the iFart Mobile app placed on You Tube. Grand Prize is $5000, Second is an Apple Mac Book and Third is an iPod Touch. 

The winners will be judged on creativity, originality, worldwide appeal plus 9 other criteria. Get out and show your best video production and win some money.

iPhone 1 Tap Connect App

A Twitter friend put me onto this app. You Should check it out. It is Free for now.

Get Connect App in iTunes

Connect to any Department in about 1000 of the Most Popular US Companies with 1 tap.

Connect solves one of the most frustrating problems in life: Phone Trees.

I hate calling a toll free number and navigating a maze of options to get an operator or to the right department?

“Please listen carefully as our menu has changed” -#%#$@%#

“Press 1 for English, press 2.” -@#@%#$!@#

Connect is a simple way to get to the right person when dialing a Companies Toll Free Number. Want to speak to the Operator? Just tap the button to be connected. Want to speak to the Sales Rep? Just tap one button. Need to speak to someone about returns, exchanges and refunds? Just tap a single button and you’re there.

Connect dials selected toll-free number and automatically sends a string of tones to get you the right department without any hassle.

Connect integrates phone tree maps of almost 1000 popular U.S. and Canadian companies. Some popular UK numbers have also been included. Look for more in the future. I understand they are working on a U.K. and an Australian version.

Future Connect version have promised to have an update feature to keep up with the company phone tree changes.

I suggest you go get it now. It’s Free.

Get Connect NOW in iTunes

iPhone App Store Passing 10,000 Apps

iPhone Mozaic

iPhone Mozaic posted an image to their site congratulating Apple on reaching 10,000 apps on on the iTunes App Store.

It is well done. but you really need to go look at it to really get the whole feel of the image. If you look at the original you will see it is made of small pictures.

Check out the post at

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